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ArcStation™ Car Charger PC2200

Spigen ArcStation Car Charger is the ultimate car charger. The total watt of the dual port is 75W. Port 1 supplies PPS & PD 45W and is able to charge Galaxy S22 Ultra with Super Fast Charging 2.0. Also with PPS 25W (PD 30W), it performs Super Fast Charging 1.0 for the Galaxy smartphone.


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1.21 x 1.21 x 2.77 inches

Package Weight

1.2 oz

Package Weight

2.1 oz




Galaxy S Series, Z Flip & Fold Series, Note Series, iPhone Series, iPad Series, Airpods Series

● Extremely Powerful yet Compact [Super Fast Charging 2.0 for Galaxy is Available] :Built Small to ensure your seamless access to the rest of the dashboard.

● Intelligent Safety & Quantum Boost Technology: With our advanced protection technology, charge on the go with total peace of mind.

● From mobile phones to laptops, this one can handle all: Total 75W Output(45W + 30W) enables Super Fast Charging 2.0

● Can charge device simultaneously.