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Pixel 7 Pro Screen Protector Neo Flex

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The NeoFlex™ ensures edge-to-edge protection and compatibility with all Spigen cases. A simple wet installation process secures a bubble-free application with zero lifting. With self-healing technology, the NeoFlex deters scratches and fingerprints to keep your screen crystal-clear. Give the Pixel 7 Pro the defense it deserves with the NeoFlex™.

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2.85 x 6.17 x 0.00 in

Package Weight

2.3 oz



Flexible Film



Pixel 7 Pro


● Made of a flexible material to offer full screen coverage

● Wet installation ensures full adhesion with zero lifting

● Self-healing technology with lasting clarity

● Stays bubble-free with zero glare or rainbows

● Compatible with all Spigen cases

● Tip: Leave the device to dry overnight for absolute transparency



This product has been certified by Spigen to meet Google's compatibility standards. Google is not responsible for the operation of this product or its compliance with any applicable safety or other requirements. Learn more at g.co/madeforgoogle

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Google's "made for" badge, Pixel and related marks are trademarks of Google LLC.


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Pixel 7 Pro Screen Protector Neo Flex

Pixel 7 Pro Screen Protector Neo Flex

Rs. 2,899.00Rs. 1,399.00