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Pixel 8 Series - Thin Fit

₹ 1,299 ₹ 1,799

Put the thin in nothing. Cover your Pixel with Thin Fit for a timeless look. It features a slim silhouette that comfortably fits in your pocket and your hand. Don’t underestimate its minimal design– Its drop protection is anything but minimal.





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Colors Black

Thin Fit

Stay minimal, sleek, and understated.

Pixel 8 Series Thin Fit Pixel 8 Series Thin Fit

Do you. We got you.

All-Around Protection without the bulk.

Keep it simple. Keep it minimal.

The perfect protection for those who want to
keep it thin and minimal.

Slim profile for comfortable grip.

Just the right amount of added depth for
everyone's hand.

See what's special.

Day to day essentials covered.

Safeguard the essentials.

Raised edges prevent scratches on screen and
camera at all angles.

Simply charge on
with the case on

We know it's a hassle to take the case off. So, simply
charge on with the case on. Spigen cases are
compatible with wireless charger.

Meet your perfect match.

Take a look and see how your device fits right in.

Pixel 8 Series Thin Fit



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